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DPF Removal Audi A3 170 TDi. Diesel Particulate Filter Problems

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) removal and remap

DPFLIGHTIf your reading this then there is a very high chance you are suffering from a car in limp mode, with no power and considering either parting with a couple of thousand pounds at the dealership or parting with the car…. WAIT don’t make any rushed choices or decisions…

It is possible to remove the diesel particulate filter but you do need to have have the engine management file “engine map” altered to remove the “regen” process. Please read further down so you understand what the problem is, what caused it (probably) and what services we can offer to provide a permanent solution.


What’s a DPF?

dpfThe new modern diesel’s don’t smoke like they did 10 years ago right? Well they do (ok not sooo bad) but someone came up with an ingenious plan..

The plan was to catch all the black soot in this device while your driving around town then blow it out all in one go in the countryside. All in the name of the environment. Bottom line is that “soot” has to go somewhere, so what is so environmentally green about dumping an entire months worth of soot on the side of the motorway?

Think back. Do you remember seeing that quite new looking car belting down the motorway with what looked like a blown engine? Chances are that the engine was spot on. Chances are the ECU was performing a regeneration cycle!

On an Audi A3 the regeneration cycle is not much more complicated than pumping in vast quantities of diesel into the exhaust side of the engine, far more than could ever be burnt properly, in an effort to heat the DPF up enough to effectively blast the contents of the DPF out the back of the car and into the air vents of the poor driver following it.

Why is mine blocked up then?

More than likely your journey type and driving style. The DPF or “soot catcher” has been doing its job properly. But the chances are if its been a long while since you have maintained a constant speed, on a decent run in top gear – fifth or sixth the ECU will not have cleaned the DPF out. End result of lots of town driving and simple commuting to and from work, dropping the kids off at school etc (normal driving) and a DPF that is unable to clear itself.

You can try going on a long run, but its not easy to go down the motorway while its in limp mode.

So what next?

Well you can either replace it or remove it. If however you have this problem because of your urban driving habits your likely to just repeat the problem with the next one, that will cost you about £2,000 from the dealer.

However, you can remove it and we have done so many times on these vehicles over the last year or so.

The majority of these have been Audi’s 2.0 TDi 170bhp… The 140 bhp are also affected as quite simply the whole idea of the DPF is a daft one.

Removal is considerably more cost effective than replacement, and its a permanent fix.

And yes it will still pass an MOT.

So I can just take it off?

Well.. no. When Audi built the DPF unit, it seems that they built the rest of the car around it. There is a serious amount of work to remove it for which you would need the car raised from the ground and a number of workshop specialist tools. Once the DPF has been removed, the engines management system has to have the regeneration process removed from it.

Two options are available.

We can either remove the regeneration in the software and leave the performance and economy standard or we can maximise the efficiency of the engine to enhance power and economy

A 170 Tdi that has had the full process of DPF removal and engine software enhancement will ultimately deliver some 200+ bhp and in excess of 320 lbft of torque whilst gaining 8-12% fuel economy


Our charge includes the physical DPF removal, the work on the engine management system, diagnostic health check and final road test. We are also able to offer EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve) disabling as part of the process should you require.

For this service you would have to come to us at Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Please note, should you have a Quattro version the price is higher due to the additional work required.

Customer Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you for the work and effort your guys put in on my car. I’m sorry that the Quattro system complicated the whole operation, but the final result is absolutely spot on.

The combination of the removal of so much back pressure from the exhaust system and your ECU re-map have completely transformed my Audi A3 170ps, especially the immense torque I now get. Not only is the power delivery far smoother and more practically delivered, but it also makes it a safer drive! I was never happy with Audi’s original factory set up and now its like having a new car all over again!
It is very reassuring to take my car to friendly professional company. I thoroughly recommend your services and will certainly be coming back to you again in the future.
Thanks again,