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This is our designated BMW tuning page. Below you will find an example of our BMW Tuning package.

Links to our BMW Petrol tuning and BMW Diesel tuning performance gain tables are here: BMW DIESEL| BMW PETROL

If you would like a quotation on a performance package for your BMW then get in touch on: 01295 758 739 and we will be able to talk you through the options that will be best suited to you and your vehicle.

Below is an example for a 2009 BMW 335i E92 Coupe

Make it ‘GO’Spark_Plug

Angel Tuning Re-Map: +75BHP, +65LbFt Torque
Single Point Iridium Spark Plugs: +15BHP
Upgraded Intercooler: +16BHP
Milltek De-cat System: +10BHP

Make it ‘Stop’

Front Brake Discs
EBC Turbo Groove Performance Front Brake Discs are ideal for performance road cars where the standard discs are suffering from heavy use, high temperatures and unstable braking performance. Supplied as a pair. 348mm x 30mmebc_21_sm

Rear Brake Discs
EBC Turbo Groove Performance Rear Brake Discs are designed to handle high temperature operation without over heating brake pads and contributing to brake fade. Supplied as a pair. 336mm x 20mm

Brake Pads
EBC Brakes Redstuff Performance Brake Pads are suitable for performance road driving and occasional track day use. As EBC’s flagship road brake pad material for performance cars above 200bhp, the newest version of Redstuff pads sets new standards in brake performance.

Redstuff Performance Brake Pads use Ceramic technology to cope with high temperatures and are approved to ECE R90.

Make it ‘Handle’

The Koni STR.T Suspension Kit gives lowered ride height with fixed rate damping.
It also combines lowered H&R springs and sports fixed rate dampers for a suspension kit that bolts straight on, with no further adjustments or set up required.1120-0082-2



Customer Feedback

BMW 535d Feedback on Angel Tuning

BMW 535d Tuning | Angel Tuning Feedback I just wanted to thank you for your guy’s efforts yesterday – please thank him again for me. He was very professional and even took 10 minutes to remove a tracker system that I didn’t want (it had come loose and was banging) and I really appreciated it.

I had my Jag S-type done 3 years ago at your Silverstone branch and that was a good conversion but the impact on my BMW 535D is simply phenomenal – I drove cross-country to Aylesbury yesterday evening and just couldn’t stop grinning.

The 535D has a great engine to start with but had an annoying flat spot low down in second gear that was noticeable and hampered the drive as the auto never changes down to 1st unless it comes to a complete stop (and Sport mode changes the throttle response which makes it too jerky in slow town traffic). That has now definitely gone and the characteristic of the engine is now so much sharper but still can be driven smoothly and slowly when needed.

If I had to use one word it would be stunning!


BMW 330d (E46) Feedback on Angel Tuning

BMW E46 330d Tuning | Angel Tuning Feedback

I just wanted to drop you both a note to say thanks for being patient with me and fixing up a slot for my cars’ tuning at such short notice (and a very good price).

I’ve been driving the modded car now for nearly 2 weeks and at first I must admit I was questioning the benefit of the remap over the tuning box, but as I’ve clocked up the miles (and test runs), it is apparent that the car now performs in a better way. With the t-box it was more about a short surge of power as the turbo kicked in, but this dropped off quite quickly.

The remapped car is not so vicious and subtly quicker over a wider rev range. The car is indeed again more subtly flexible and the other benefit is virtually no smoke. The fuel runs are yet to be compared as I’ve not put equal quantities of fuel in the car, but based on the reduced smoke, I am expecting a better mpg…… will keep in touch, but once again thanks.