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Angel Tuning remap the standard files on the car’s ECU, which is the only safe & correct way to tune modern engines.


We do not offer a ‘tuning box’.

Our ECU remapping delivers smooth & progressive power, together with improved throttle response.

You will be looked after by our fully qualified technicians, armed with the latest diagnostic equipment as well as a wide range of tuning hardware.

We cover the whole of England, Scotland and Wales with our mobile service.

Please note all Ferrari models have to be brought to our Oxfordshire HQ & we are unable to offer a mobile service.

Please use the inquiry form for our latest detailed breakdown of charges and options for your specific vehicle or alternatively call us on 01295 758739.

We are in the process of updating this page. Please contact us to check if we are able to offer you a service for your Ferrari model.



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Ferrari 360 3.6 V8 (Petrol) 400BHP 400 +20 +20 £795 Select
Ferrari 456 5.5 V12 (Petrol) 442BHP 442 +N/A +N/A £0 Select
Ferrari 550 5.5 V12 (Petrol) 485BHP 485 +N/A +N/A £0 Select
Ferrari 575 5.8 V12 (Petrol) 515BHP 515 +N/A +N/A £0 Select
Ferrari 599 GTB 6.0 V12 (Petrol) 612BHP 612 +N/A +N/A £0 Select
Ferrari 612 5.8 V12 (Petrol) 540BHP 540 +N/A +N/A £0 Select
Ferrari F430 4.3 V8 (Petrol) 483BHP 483 +N/A +N/A £0 Select
Ferrari F430 4.3 V8 (Petrol) 510BHP 510 +N/A +N/A £0 Select