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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is engine mapping?

A:The combined data of both fuel mixture and ignition timing of “open loop” digital systems are held on a chip within your Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This data is then used by the ECU programme to set ignition timing and fuel supply to the engine as required. The data (or “characteristics” of the information) can be depicted as a graph which, when analysed and altered, is known as engine (re)mapping.

Q: What does ECU remapping do?

A:Quite simply, it changes the data in various areas to provide a different map so that elements such as the fuel supply, ignition timing, injector opening times etc.. are altered to provide more efficient combustion/engine performance.

Q: Why do I need ECU remapping?

A:When a manufacturer releases a car into the market, the vehicle has to be able to cope with pressure coming from many different environments, by many different users, and all elements must be “off the shelf” to respond to many demands whilst still being economical to produce. For example, the car has to cope with possible poor fuel quality, dusty environments, poor servicing and at the same time provide reliability and economy. This has meant that, historically, manufacturers may ‘detune’ the engines to cater for all this. As the market is relatively compact, engines compete within certain ranges: they perform in a similar way. When the vehicle is sold in a variety of countries, it will have to be engineered so that it is still respectful of emission regulations, as well as a variety of weather conditions (heat, altitude, humidity, etc..). If the engine is mapped to produce, say, 105bhp officially, it will need to be mapped to hit its official figure in all countries where the car is marketed. Engine performance is therefore optimised for the countries in which the vehicle is sold. It is capable of more than it is mapped to do. Angel Tuning stretch that metaphoric ‘elastic band’, overcoming the state of compromised tuning most UK motorists know and experience with their cars.

Q: Is re-mapping better or simply different from chipping?

A:OBD Engine Mapping is the modern version of ‘chipping’. When you “chip” a car you basically put in a chip that has a set of data already burnt onto it, into your ECU. When you OBD remap an ECU, you save the data currently stored on the chip and overwrite it with the performance data. This then allows you to apply different maps, where applicable, as well as restore the original data – should you require it. As no standard part of the car has been changed, warranty is unaffected. Angel Tuning’s ‘remapping’ is a real, standard version of engine tuning, using a modern approach.

Q: What BHP and Torque increase can I expect on my car?

A:It is difficult to predict an exact figure for each car. However, for both normally aspirated petrol diesel engines, we expect to gain 10%. For example, an 83bhp 1.2 Punto will gain 8bhp, as well as 8lb ft torque. For a turbo derivative, bigger increases are expected: some 35bhp on, say, the 1.9 JTD and a massive 60bhp+ on the 2.4 JTD Fiat engines, to stay in theme.

Q: Do you have a torque and BHP graph for my engine?

A:Quite simply, no. They are meaningless to the majority, and the graph needs to show the difference between a specific car in standard tune and after the remapping (i.e. every graph is different); we find that the real change is in the car’s driveability. Besides, should you be unhappy with the car when you test drive it, we will return the tuning to standard specs, and refund you any tuning charges. If you really want a ‘before’ and ‘after’ torque /bhp graph we can arrange this with a local company, but a cost is involved.

Q: How will it affect my warranty?

A:No change is carried out to any of the hardware and the engine remapping is both physically and diagnostically undetectable.

Q: What warranty do you give on your work?

A:We change data held on a component of your car, and as we are not changing any hardware on any post-’99 car, we have nothing to give a warranty on. However, we will do our utmost to help anyone who has a problem, including returning the car to standard for testing etc.

Q: What about insurance?

A: Angel Tuning cannot advise about insurance. Basically the change in the engine map is extremely hard to diagnose, even with the right equipment to compare it with (hence the difficulty and the extra cost involved with providing you with a graph, see above). Besides, in order to confirm that something has been modified, one would have to compare it to the original: with only one map on the car, there is nothing against which it can be compared. In other words, there is no ‘before’ and ‘after’ in insurance terms. It is not like slotting a completely new and more powerful engine in the same engine bay. That is not to say that Angel Tuning advises you to withhold the information from your insurance company. Some insurance companies are indifferent to remapping, as the possibility of remapping is not even contemplated on their systems. Some have a vague idea and add a nominal premium; some insurance companies know exactly what remapping means, and will ask the right questions – when you tell them of the procedure.

Q: Can the remapping be reversed?

A: Yes it can! We archive your original file, so if you decide to put back to standard to sell, or ….. we can put the original factory file back on for you. To put back to standard, we charge a nominal £100 fee, but we give you a free gift voucher entitling you to £100 discount on your next map.

Q: What do Angel Tuning require and how long does it take?

A: We will road test your car with you to perform some basic tests so we can ascertain if there are any issues that will affect our work. If your car has any issues that will negate the affects of the work and render it pointless we will tell you straight away and we will not charge you for the tuning, clearly stating why. To complete the work takes about 1 hour from start to finish including the pre and post test drives. However, the post test drive time is up to you. If you wish to drive around for two hours in the locality you are more than welcome to do so, we will advise some good roads and routes for you as well. We are much happier knowing if you have any issues close by than having driven all the way home.

Q: What about the longevity of my engine?

A:Because of the tolerances built into modern engines you are likely to decrease the longevity by 3-5% from the expected lifetime of the engine. However as the life expectancy of all modern engines if properly maintained is in excess of 300,000 miles you are looking at 285,000 miles! If you did “blow up”, the likelihood is that it would have blown up anyway. We are not removing any rev limiters etc so therefore if you thrashed the living hell out of your engine it would have happened anyway we therefore cannot guarantee the longevity of components out of our charge.

Q: What if I am not happy with what you have done?

A:We give you 14 days and if you are not happy we guarantee to refund you and come and return the car to standard specification.

Q: What about after 14 days or if I want to sell my car?

A: If you decide to sell your car after the 14 days period has passed, we will reverse the file for a nominal £100 and give you a gift vouvcher entitling you to £100 discount on your next map purchase.

Q: I have an auto box or Selespeed, would you still recommend this?

A: We cannot see why it would make any difference to it being manual or auto.

Q: What's the likely effect on fuel consumption?

A:If you are a frugal driver to start with then your economy will improve. If you are going to use the power more often and drive the car faster – your consumption will drop as it would anyway. We have had people tell us that consumption has not been affected as when the car is not being used “enthusiastically” it is more economical so it evens up when it is. But we would rather say that you will see a slight decrease in your economy – because we drive “enthusiastically” ourselves!

Q: Can you do my car?

A:Nearly all European diesel and petrol models made since 1998 are catered.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Our prices start at just £275 for small engined petrol models. Ring or email us for packages details

Q: I have another question.......

A:No one persons requirements are the same, talk to us, even if just for a friendly chat about your car….

Q: I have other modifications....

A:Please tell us what they are!

Q: I intend to make further modifications....

A: OK, let us know what you are thinking of doing and we will advise which is the best way round to do them and may also be able to offer an all in one package.

Q: Do I need to come to you?

A:No, we will come to you if required. If you are a long distance from us we will try and group a few people together from that area to make the trip worthwhile. This includes, Ireland, Scotland and mainland Europe.