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Ford Tuning by Angel Tuning.ford_focus_rs_small-min

This is our designated Ford tuning page. Below you will find an example of our Ford Tuning package.

Links to our Ford Petrol tuning and Ford Diesel tuning performance gain tables are here: FORD DIESEL | FORD PETROL

Below is an example for a 2013 Ford Fiesta ST180.

Make it ‘GO’

Angel Tuning Re-Map: +40BHP, +75LbFt Torque
Uprated Intercooler: +10BHP
ITG Induction Kit: +6BHP

Make it ‘Stop’

Front Brake Discs
Black Diamond Front Brake Discs are ideal for performance road cars where the standard discs are suffering from heavy use, high temperatures and unstable braking performance. Supplied as a pair.  black diamond discs

Rear Brake Discs
Black Diamond Performance Rear Brake Discs are designed to handle high temperature operation without over heating brake pads and contributing to brake fade. Supplied as a pair.


Brake Pads 
Ferodo DS2500 Competition Brake Pads offer low and high speed braking efficiency, reduced stopping distances and a consistent brake pedal feel from the start. DS2500 pads offer a consistent coefficient of friction (0.42) at all temperatures.


Make it ‘Handle’

Spax PSX Adjustable Damped Suspension Kits include uprated, shortened, 28 stage on-car adjustable dampers and a set of matched springs to give your car an all-round upgrade in road holding and body control.


Spax engineers have developed these dampers to produce maximum control and handling. The PSX dampers are uprated, shortened and pressurised with Krypton gas. This produces not only superior low speed ride quality, but also high speed performance that is ultra-stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved. The result is maximum cornering speed and traction, minimum braking distance and roll.

Spax PSX dampers are designed and manufactured to the strictest German TüV quality standards, using the latest technologies and methods. Each and every PSX damper is fully Dyno Tested to ensure you get 100% performance and quality, guaranteed. PSX dampers are epoxy powder coated and oven cured for second to none looks and extra-long life.

Spax match these dampers with their own high performance powder coated lowering springs.