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This is our designated Mini tuning page. Below you will find an example of our Mini Tuning package.

Links to our Mini Petrol tuning and Mini Diesel tuning performance gain tables are here: MINI DIESEL| MINI PETROL

If you would like a quotation on a performance package for your Mini then get in touch on: 01295 758 739 and we will be able to talk you through the options that will be best suited to you and your vehicle.

Below is an example for a 2006 Mini Cooper S R53

Make it ‘GO’

Angel Tuning Re-Map: +56BHP, +30LbFt Torque
Fast Road Cams
14% Supercharger Pulley Reduction Gear
Milltek Exhuast System: +10BHP

Make it ‘Stop’

Front Brake Discs
EBC Turbo Groove Performance Front Brake Discs are ideal for performance road cars where the standard discs are suffering from heavy use, high temperatures and unstable braking performance. Supplied as a pair. 276mm x 22mmebc_21_sm

Rear Brake Discs
EBC Turbo Groove Performance Rear Brake Discs are designed to handle high temperature operation without over heating brake pads and contributing to brake fade. Supplied as a pair.

Brake Pads 
EBC Brakes Greenstuff Performance Brake Pads are suitable for performance road driving.769-m
As EBC’s mot popular road brake pad material for performance cars under 200bhp,
the newest version of Greenstuff pads sets new standards in brake performance.

Make it ‘Handle’

The Koni STR.T Suspension Kit gives lowered ride height with fixed rate damping.
It also combines lowered H&R springs and sports fixed rate dampers for a suspension kit that bolts straight on, with no further adjustments or set up required.1120-0082-2